Therapy to Excel Your Body


The Postural Restoration Institute was founded in 2000 by Ron Hruska. Their aim is to restore normal movement patterns by recognizing asymmetrical postural patterns and managing these asymmetries through exercise and manual techniques. At Excel Physical Therapy, our goal is to bring this unique approach to the Fargo-Moorhead area to excel your body. Please visit for more information.

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Leg Injury
Leg Injury


We provide post-surgical rehabilitation using manual therapy techniques, stretching, and home exercise programming to progress your rehab goals following an orthopedic surgery. We also take a unique approach by integrating Postural Restoration techniques and exercises to ensure that you are able to manage your asymmetries following your surgery to avoid future need for surgical intervention.


Sometimes our bodies get stuck in certain positions and have a hard time getting "unstuck." Your therapist will be able to provide spinal manipulation therapy techniques to get your spinal column to move more freely and decrease pain. These techniques are used to complement the Postural Restoration exercises that your therapist will provide you to ensure that your spine maintains its re-found freedom.

Sports Injury

joint mobilization

Joint mobilizations involve taking your joint tissue either through the available limits or to push slightly beyond the joints limits. These mobilizations are used to decrease pain or to improve joint mobility for increased ROM. Though this sounds like it could be painful, most people feel a good relief following joint mobilizations.